TigerExch is here to help you with the best sports betting strategies for win-win situations. Each strategy provided must be able to help you to avoid blunder mistakes on your bets. Even if you lose a bet, you won’t be shattered away if you follow the strategies mentioned below.


Most of the new bettors think that betting without a strategy would work, but that won’t last for long. If you are a cricket fan, and willing to bet on the biggest cricket event – IPL, then it is advised by TigerExch who also provides you Online Cricket ID and to follow the strategies to win more and to lose less. Plus the best betting strategy for IPL betting will help you to manage the betting budget more seriously and sensibly.


You can read various betting strategies, but the key thing is to use each strategy for each sports betting. And you must updated on all the sports betting strategies regularly. Some experienced bettors think they can bet without checking any new changes in strategies, undoubtedly your betting skills are nice if you are winning but sports betting is a process of changes and over a time there is always something new to discover.

After all, all newbies in sports betting will be benefited if they follow the strategies provided by TigerExch along with the best Online Cricket ID, for their favourite sport to bet on. 



For betting on any sport, you must have knowledge of the basics of that particular sport as well as basics of sports betting like odds, valuation, responsibility, and many more. Basically, sports betting is a combination of risk and balancing money. Here are a few common bets you must look at.


The most common and best sports betting strategy in India is to keep it simple and safe in the beginning. Keeping low stakes on pre-match single betting markets. 

For instance, you are willing to bet on the next IPL match that is between Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad. And if you are using this strategy then you can evaluate easily what risk you can face and you can adjust your bets accordingly. 


This is used when you gained a little experience and more knowledge about sports betting. In this, you can bet a collective number of bets on different events happening. 

For instance, you can bet on Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, and Kolkata Knight Riders to win the next IPL games. This might be risky, but the combination of odds might make you a great win.


If you are willing to bet, then you go with a budget to enjoy sports betting more effectively. This is the best strategy for every bet.  And one must bet with money that you do not mind losing it. Even the best strategy won’t save you if you are spending beyond your limits. 

This is why TigerExch always recommends setting a monthly budget for sports betting. As well as with TigerExch you get the advantage of deposits and withdrawals without any nasty processing fees, which many betting sites have.

Bonuses are an essential part of sports betting strategy and many online betting sites like TigerExch offer great bonuses like free spins, a 100% deposit bonus, and many more. Ultimately, these bonuses are beneficial to earn more money. 


There is no single strategy to follow for sports betting. Here are a few, which are explained by TigerExch.


There is nothing bad to bet on simple markets like who will win the match or tournament. But you can find good values if you hunt the alternative market. 


What are handicap bets? This means you are willing to bet on an IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals, but cannot find good odds. This is where handicap bets come in. This is where there will be a disadvantage for Mumbai Indians, as they have to score more for you to win your bet the odds are tougher but you will win bigger.


Live betting is more beneficial as here you get the chance to bet after the game has begun. It’s the best technique to bet on your favorite. 


This is the most obvious sports betting strategy one should follow. Before putting some stakes on your favorite team you must gain knowledge of its past experiences, especially the last game played. Even you get an idea of the teams or players that performed in the last match they met. 


In betting nothing is predictable, so your winnings are not predictable. In this, you might want some insurance. And you must not put all your money into one game only. It’s best to diversify. 

These tips can be beneficial for you to gain knowledge quickly but it is advised don’t follow too blindly and you will find a great way to boost your sports betting knowledge. 


There is a tendency in young bettors to bet quickly after understanding the sports betting strategies but it’s always a good idea to bet carefully. This means you must use the best sports strategies in a systematic way and with confidence. 

Just remember to stick with the best bookmaker like TigerExch offering you the best Online Cricket ID and is a fully licensed sports betting site. 



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