Timeshare Freedom Group: Is Hiring Them Worth It? 

Timeshare Freedom Group: Is Hiring Them Worth It? 

Are you one of the timeshare owners who buy a timeshare for an available regular place for vacation? But now regret your decision. If it’s true, you might search for legit timeshare cancellation companies like Timeshare Freedom Group BBB. 

However, after getting fibbed by the timeshare developer, the owners cannot believe that timeshare exit companies can help them. If you think the same, this post is for you; you will get a complete overview of the Timeshare Freedom Group. 

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Who is Timeshare Freedom Group BBB? 

Timeshare Freedom Group is one of the best timeshare exit companies, commenced in 2010. It claims to cancel the timeshare legally and permanently within the given time. The company is headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, and has fifteen more offices in California, including Texas, Oregon, Florida, Colorado, and more. 

The best thing about these several locations is that you don’t need to live in those locations to exit your timeshare. Moreover, you can consult them over a phone or online meeting to help you make a better and more informed decision. But the one thing that is questionable about the company is that its authenticity of the company is not yet confirmed. 

Timeframe of Timeshare Freedom Group 

The company’s previous clients state that the termination process takes nine to twelve months. But some of the reviews of the prior timeshare clients state that it takes nine to eighteen months to end their timeshare. It raises suspicion, as they seem unclear of their guidelines. Another new claim on Trustpilot is that the exit process takes nine to eighteen months. But later, it proved to be a false claim. 

Reviews and Ratings of Timeshare Freedom Group 

The reviews and ratings of Timeshare Freedom Group are based on the feedback given by previous clients. The company is on social media and third-party rating sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and Google. 

During the past year, the Timeshare Freedom Group BBB has received negative reviews on Yelp and Trustpilot. Over Yelp, the company has 2 out of 5 stars based on 23 previous clients’ reviews. Over the Trustpilot, the company is rated 2.1 out of 5 stars based on the feedback from 137 past clients. The Company is not accredited with Better Business Bureau and graded F on the BBB page. 

How Timeshare Freedom Group Works? 

Timeshare Freedom Group is an excellent resource for a timeshare exit. The company follows a four-step procedure with a streamlined and systematic way to cancel a timeshare. With the help of the company’s four-step process, timeshare cancellation can be made easily and quickly. 

Here is the four-step procedure in detail: 

  • Consultation - The initial step of the timeshare cancellation is a free consultation with the clients. The consultation helps the cancellation group understand the client’s situation. It includes the details of the clients, including the client’s current contract and financial obligations. Clients can benefit from the initial consultation by asking questions related to the case. 
  • Research–  The second step of timeshare cancellation is research; it includes analyzing the contract and gathering important information about the client’s situation. It helps to ensure that all the potential options are explored and that the customer is in the best possible position before entering into negotiations with the timeshare company. 
  • Negotiation - The third step of timeshare exit is negotiation. It is an essential step when it comes to timeshare cancellation. The company helps clients negotiate with the timeshare company to reach the best resolution that benefits both sides. 
  • Resolution – The fourth step of timeshare exit is resolution. After negotiations have been completed, it’s time to ensure the timeshare is officially canceled. The company will give you the necessary documentation and ensure the process is completed quickly without any complications. 


Timeshare Freedom Group BBB is the best timeshare exit company and can exit your timeshare quickly. The company follows a four-step procedure: consultation, research, negotiation, and resolution. 

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